Friday, January 27, 2012

WLP Short Takes

Nia Castleberry (12th grade)
What are some political issues that make you angry?

The issue of censorship in particular makes me angry because if allowed, it denies one the right to express their thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints.  We as Americans have the right to freedom of speech and to have that right taken away is one of the very key elements of oppression.

Janeth Silva (12th grade)
Music: a five letter word that’s supposed to make you feel happy but hearing male music artists express themselves about females negatively makes me angry.  The worst part is hearing my peers sing those songs and think it’s okay because, like they say, “if the radio plays them why can’t I sing them?”

Karly Jeter (11th grade)
Reflect on a time where you felt discriminated against:
I was discriminated against while I was the Getty Museum.  This was two years ago and I went on a field trip with my English class and I was walking around a floor looking at art.  Then a security guard kept following me.  He was white, and he kept telling me to stay away from the art, though other students were there he only scolded me.

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  1. Great commentary Miani. I liked the way you made insightful connections between the conditions you experience now and those the Walkout students protested against.