Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Sisters' Voices

By: Karen Carrillo  11th grade 
Washington Prep, Women of Color in the U.S.

The most important issues in these excerpts are that girls of color are not confident with whom they are. In Lianne Labossiere’s “A PAGE FROM MY DIARY: BLACK AND BEATUFUL” Labossiere states, “I thought of how I have always thought, the lighter the better…. And although I hate to admit it, I have always idolized white girls and disliked my own sisters of color”(23). In this excerpt Lianne has accepted all the stereotypes other people say to her to the extent that she doesn’t believe in, or accept, who she is. Instead, she focuses on who she would like to be.
Many of the girls in these stories seem to be alike in a big way; mainly because all of these girls have experienced discrimination and felt put-down by others’ stereotypes. This is important because people shouldn’t be put down only because of their skin color, hair texture, gender, or status.
        Consequently, due to all the negative remarks, all girls start to have a low self-esteem or feel unwanted. In some cases it may be difficult to deal with: “ It’s hard getting up in the morning not knowing what the day will bring or become” (Grady, 34). Everyday to her is a challenge to go through probably because of the hard times people give her: “ It’s hard walking down the halls getting called names… Why don’t they understand you CAN be mixed with black and white?” (Grady, 34).  Here, she expresses how she feels when other people are calling her names as she walks through the school and the fact that people don’t accept that she’s half white only because she doesn’t have the hair or eyes that Caucasian people have. People are so close-minded and sometimes they have to accept reality and themselves before they can accept anybody else 

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