Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peacemaker Mother


Peacemaker Mother

Independent like a bird who learned how to fly
Talkative, outgoing, and confident is how she’s described
Within forty-two years of her life she overcame many obstacles
Sitting down
I look at her and see nothing but a smile
Courageous like a tiger is what she’s become
Sweet like a candy bar
Reminds me to disregard the ones who judge
but challenge them
To show them who I really am
So generous she’d give the little that she has to help the ones in need
Nothing compared to a world full of diamonds
‘Cause she’s determined in every challenge
To me she’s irreplaceable and priceless
Always strikes for the best and nothing less
Her advice to me is one of a kind
Every time I want to give up, it pops up on my mind
All the things I do are dedicated to her
Yet I know that for me she does way more
Her motto is never let your weaknesses take over you
‘Cause you’re strong enough to face them
She’s my one and only loveable mom!

By: Karen Carrillo, 11th grade, Washington Prep.

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