Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dreamer Activist & WLP alum Lizeth Soria

Liz Soria, WLP alum
Hello Friends, family, and Allies:

Hope you've had a great summer.

My most exciting day so far was June 15th, when president Obama announced Deferred Action. Deferred Action is a progressive policy change that will grant undocumented youth the ability to work legally, obtain a Driver's License, and walk through our neighborhoods without fear of being deported for at least 2 years.

In California, we also have the California DREAM Act (which will allow undocumented youth to access financial aid) going into effect in January 2013.

While these are huge and exciting steps for undocumented youth, Deferred Action may be revoked if President Obama doesn't win a second term and the California DREAM Act only allows undocumented students to access funds that are left over after citizens and residents have been awarded financial aid.

So, I have decided to do the next best thing and fundraise my college tuition by recycling and/or asking for donations. Last year I met an undocumented college student at UCLA who fundraises over $2,000.00 each semester by recycling cans and plastic bottles--so I know this is  something I can accomplish, especially with your help.

Can you help me get to college by thinking green and recycling?


Aside from collecting cans and bottles on my own, I am asking my friends, allies, and family to collect your own recyclables on my behalf.

I will collect your cans and bottles the last Saturday of each month.

Or, if you want me to stop by your home or work earlier that that, please call me at 424-731-6953 or email me at

If you don't have cans or plastic bottles you will and you would like to help me I am more than happy to accept donations.

Please let me know if you can make donations for $15 or more.  I will be very grateful to you.


Liz Soria

Lizeth Soria
Lizeth's Blog

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