Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Young Women of Color College Panel

Although record numbers of women of color are entering colleges and universities, persistent barriers still exist. Institutional factors such as massive cuts to K-16 education, limited-to-no access to college preparation courses, nonexistent college mentoring, high student-to-college counselor ratios, and sexual abuse hinder opportunities for youth of color (particular first generation college students) to go to and succeed in college. On January 30th, Gardena High School's WLP will hold its first Women of Color College Forum in 2014. WLP and Gardena HS alumni will discuss their experiences negotiating the college landscape as first generation students challenging stereotypes, low expectations, sexism, and access inequities.

Location: GHS Library, 2:15-3:30


Jamion Allen, (WLP '13), El Camino College
Betty Rosenda Green, MA. UC Berkeley
Quinn Howard, CSU Fullerton
Janeth Silva, (WLP '12) El Camino College
Clay Wesley, (WLP '10) Southwest College

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