Thursday, April 10, 2014

Women's History Month Presentations at Gardena High School

Although women of color have always played active roles in various fields such as politics, culture, medicine, literature, activism, etc. in this country and around the world, our contributions are not highlighted in mainstream media and textbooks as frequently as compared to (white) men. It is because of this constant erasure that leads to a lack of knowledge surrounding the works of many women of color that has led the young women at Gardena High School's Women's Leadership Project (WLP) to not only educate their peers on many unsung heroines and historical women, but to also celebrate their lives and works.

This past March 28th, various classes joined the young women of WLP in learning about the lives and contributions of inspiring women like Audre Lorde, Diane Nash, Paula Crisostomo and Malala Yousafzai. The lively presentations included facts on the lives and contributions of these women as well as a lively discussion on the myths and stereotypes surrounding the capabilities and interests of women in general. Overall, the presentations were an interactive success due to the leadership of the young women of Gardena High School's Women's Leadership Project.

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