Thursday, June 5, 2014

Profiles of the Young Women of Gardena High School's WLP

Pictured: Sikivu Hutchinson, Lena Tina Fongang, Tiare Hill, Caithlyn Torres, Betsy Casas, Yvonne Arechiga, Marenda Kyle, Jennifer Gomez, Lizeth Soria, Betty Rosenda Green. Missing: Danielle Woodcock.

The ladies of Gardena High School's Women's Leadership Project 2013-2014:

Lena Tina Fongang
This upcoming fall semester, Lena plans to attend El Camino College where she will take up nursing courses. Lena has the goal of transferring to UCLA or UCSB to complete her Bachelor's degree in nursing and eventually plans to attend medical school to become a physician. Another future plan of Lena's is to start a non-profit organization whose mission is to support children in under-served communities in the area of education.
Aside from her professional goals, Lena wants to travel to all of the 24 countries she has on her list of places to visit such as Costa Rica, Greece, Italy and Jamaica.
Reflecting on her WLP experience, Lena says that WLP has helped her to feel better about herself as well as learn to critically think about society and the different issues that affect young female students of color. She says that is is through the meetings where stereotypes related to race and gender were discussed that she was able to understand different issues more deeply.

Tiare Hill
After Gardena High School, Tiare plans to transfer into a four year university where she will major in journalism and will become a television news anchor reporting on the issues that the larger society needs to know about. She is passionate about issues related to the justice system and the discrimination that the African American community faces. Tiare wants to bring about positive change related to these issues through her work as a news anchor. Aside from her academics, Tiare loves to sing, play volleyball and be with her friends.
Having been introduced to WLP by Jennifer Gomez, Tiare has been able to enjoy the rich and important discussions on issues faced by women, particularly women of color, as well as the fun bonding activities that WLP has, such as the camping experience at the beginning of the school year.

Caithlyn Torres
Always displaying her entrepreneurial and creative spirit, Caithlyn has plans of becoming an entrepreneur and starting up her own business with future business partners after she graduates. She also will be working towards becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner and will have this practice while simultaneously maintaining her future business.
Caithlyn enjoys playing volleyball and art and she firmly believes the importance of going after something she wants. The fact that she has more than one career goal shows that she believes she can be the type of person she wants to be and she does not need to fit into a box.

Betsy Casas
Before attending UCLA in the fall, Betsy plans to enjoy her summer by traveling to Mexico to visit her father and her dog. Aside from being inspired by her supportive parents, Betsy is motivated by many things, such as her own personal dreams, her surroundings as well as her failures. She says that in her current state of life she is greatly interested in exploring her world and the world outside. With the support of WLP, Betsy has been able to understand her world more deeply as well as discuss and comprehend various subjects she had never talked about before. Also through WLP, she has learned to question many unfair situations that have happened to her as well as in her environment.

Yvonne Arechiga
After graduation, Yvonne will attend Long Beach City College before transferring into a four year university. She plans to major in Business Administration and sees her father as one of her biggest influences. His journey of moving to the United States at a young age and doing years of hard work to finally becoming his own boss has greatly inspired her and her choice of majoring in the business field. Yvonne states that achieving her dreams motivates and reminds her to not give up and that if she wants to accomplish a goal, she understands the importance of facing obstacles.

Marenda Kyle
Please see her bio below.

Jennifer Gomez
Jennifer is proud to attend Cal State Dominguez Hills this upcoming fall. Although she is not completely sure as to what she will major in, she wants to explore the areas of music engineering, tour management, event planning as well as the work of a probation officer. Jennifer also understands how a formal education can help her to earn a financial wage where she can live comfortably and can indulge in spending if she chooses. Like several of her WLP peers, she enjoys playing volleyball and being involved with campus activities, such as Leadership.
She states that her experience with WLP has had a big impact during the two years she was involved. WLP has helped her to find her voice and to be less timid when it comes to sharing her mind as well as learning how to be more independent.

Danielle Woodcock 
Danielle will be a senior at Gardena High School this upcoming fall and plans to attend a four year institution afterwards. She wants to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and will move on to working on her PhD. Being aware of her privileges, Danielle says that she is passionate about social justice and equality for all as well as educating her community about issues that are not given the amount of attention that is needed, such as violence against women. Issues that affect marginalized groups and different struggles that the human race faces are what inspires her the most, which is why she has participated in many of WLP's events, such as Denim Day and Women's History Month.
Danielle says that WLP has helped her to become more socially aware as well as more confident with speaking out when people who have privilege are apathetic and do not help to create positive social change.

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