Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day of Remembrance

On March 31st, the Women’s Leadership Project (WLP) and Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) held a Day of Remembrance commemorating youth lost to gang violence, HIV/AIDS, hate crime and domestic abuse. The event featured an assembly with original GSA and WLP skits, music, poetry readings and dedications to loved ones. Speaker Isaiah Whiteside gave a moving talk about being HIV positive and reflected on the risk factors/challenges of living with HIV for youth of color. The students gathered in the quad during lunch time for a celebration in which reflections and letters from audience participants were collected, tied to balloons and released from the quad stage in a “Letters to Heaven” ceremony. The students passed out grief and mental health resource information and did peace/love face painting for participants. A mural with all of the contributions was mounted in the main hall of the school.

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