Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zerohour Election Forum

On Monday, November 3rd over 200 Gardena seniors took part in a zerohour election forum. Students from the Women’s Leadership Project (WLP), Gay/Straight Alliance, Peer Health and Government classes presented and debated on the California Ballot Propositions and issues from the presidential campaign. Students had lively discussion on the Same-Sex Marriage Initiative (Prop 8), the Parental Notification Initiative (Prop 4) and the Drug-Rehabilitation Initiative for non-violent offenders (Prop 5). Students arguing for Team Obama and Team McCain debated on education policy, a woman’s right to choose and the Iraq war. WLP students presented on two key policy issues that were important to women in the election. Prior to the forum during the month of October, Women’s Leadership Project students conducted class- to-class voter registration targeting 12th graders and mailed completed registration forms. Special thanks are due to History teacher Saul Lankster and Health teacher Debbie Wallace for their support in helping coordinate the election forum presentations.

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