Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quality of Education in LAUSD by: Miani Giron

After watching Walkout, I realized that not much has changed since the 60's. Based on my personal experience, attending a public school in Los Angeles Unified School District has not been very enriching. I have attended local LAUSD schools since elementary. These schools have always been over populated. The class sizes are over crowded, which makes individual attention and instruction impossible. Schools in affluent neighborhoods mandate smaller class sizes, I feel that we (students of LAUSD) deserve quality education too. I can't help but wonder if theses differences in education have anything to do with ethnicity.

Students in LAUSD are not expected nor encouraged to attend four year universities- this is evident in the classes offered. Our classes are not preparing us to attend universities. In my high school, at representative from a local community college comes several times a week to help prospect students enroll, I'm not saying this is a bad thing but why don't representatives from universities come onto our campus? I've notice that AP classes in our district are extremely limited while students attending public schools in other districts are offered a wide variety of advanced college- prep classes. We are capable of taking rigorous college- prep courses but how can we exhibit our full potential if we are not given the opportunity or encouraged to do so?

-Miani Giron

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  1. Great commentary Miani. I liked the way you made insightful connections between the conditions you experience now and those the Walkout students protested against.